i'm a no-count

"Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers left their homes to roam."

It all started when I was driving down the road in Everett, wa. one day. I heard my own song that I sang in 1965 being played on the radio, decades after it was recorded.
The disc jockey then got ahold of me and we did a radio interview. it grew from there.

early life
Born in 1945 in Buffalo, NY, Ty Wagner began his music career growing up in sunny Tustin, California. In 1962 he formed The Ty Wagner Band, with Joe Wagner on rhythm, Dave Ellis on drums, and Ty himself on lead vocals. As all bands do, they first began rehearsing in their garage - but the Ty Wagner Band had fans traveling from miles away just to hear them practice.

the beginnings

Local DJ "Johnny Gun" discovered Ty and introduced him to Don Ralke, a prolific music producer and composer at that time. Ralke produced Ty’s music at the Los Angeles located Gold Star Recording Studio, one of the most influential and successful recording studios in the world. Home to hundreds of chart-topping pop and rock artists - Richie Valens, Sonny & Cher, Jimi Hendrix, Dick Dale, The Righteous Brothers, The Who, the Ramones, Bob Dylan, and scores more - Gold Star is notable to Ty for its history and involvement with Eddie Cochran, who recorded “Summertime Blues” at the very same studio that Ty set foot in to create his own music.

"light of right is awfully dim, i'm a no-count just like them."


In 1965, Ty Wagner recorded "I'm a No Count", which had much success locally as well as nationally. Even today, the song is covered by many artists from all over the world and played by stations from an array of countries. The original 45 sells for thousands of dollars online, and continues to be one of the most sought-after vinyl records, listed as #174 on a list of the 200 Most Legendary Collectable U.S. 60's Garage 45’s. No wonder Ty is also considered one of the pioneers of the Garage Rock genre. 

Ty Wagner made several television appearances and performed at many concerts throughout the United States, touring up and down the state of California. With a penchant for live performance and stage charisma, Ty effortlessly energized his audience no matter the environment.


"I'm a No Count" is a raw and impactful international theme for rebels everywhere, for the individual upset about being taxed, for the “no-count” who is angered by a removal of freedom and liberty. Even today, the words of "I'm a No Count" are felt and understood by listeners around the world.

"i wanna be free."


Although his songs are currently on compilation albums with names like Back from the Grave Volume II, Ty Wagner is very much alive and still rockin’.

In recent years he has performed in festivals and venues across
the United States.

He is currently back in the studio recording new music.