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Recently, Ty Wagner has been featured in physical and online publications from all corners of the world.

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kser 90.7 radio interview

"FROM HERE TO OBSCURITY": Local DJ Jerry Bennett interviews Ty Wagner, who speaks on his recording history and what led him to re-enter the world of music. Find more about KSER by clicking here.  Special thanks to Jerry for the interview.


The audio is 2 hours 15 minutes long - give it a few moments to load! 

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ugly things magazine

TY WAGNER is featured in the 30th Anniversary issue of Ugly Things Magazine, which has brought its readers unparalleled coverage of the best lost, unknown and overlooked music of the 1960s and beyond. Published twice a year, Ugly Things is a high energy rock & roll fanzine about the music and the stories of the people that made it happen.

UT RECORDS was started as a sideline to the magazine, and would later publish and distribute the first newly-released record from Ty in decades, Misery Train.

Coverage of their 30th anniversary event in New Orleans  which featured a live performance from Ty (Ponderosa Stomp) can be read here.


Steve Terrell describes and writes about his Ponderosa Stomp experience, calling Ty's set "nothing short of amazing". Terrell says he had only one problem with Ty Wagner's live performance: "My only complaint about Wagner is that I wish he's have done more," he writes. "He's got a moody intensity about him and sings every word as if his life depended on it." 

Picture credit: Ugly Things Magazine




caveman online

The blog gives some details about the No-Counts, a German band undoubtedly named after and honoring Ty's hit single, "I'm a No-Count".

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garage rock radio

Ty gets a special feature on Garage Rock Radio online. Read more here.